“There is sweet music here that softer falls Than petals from blown roses on the grass”
Alfred Lord Tennyson

The residence

A place with a rustic and gentle soul. Surrounded by the pristine nature of the Portelle valley, just four kilometers from Noto, Battimandorlo is a country residence with a cozy and enchanting atmosphere. Originally built as a country chapel in the late 17th century, and later transformed into a small farmhouse, our residence still preserves the rustic and gentle spirit of the past.

The dream

Eight hectares of organic farmland, nestled amidst the honey-colored hues of Noto’s Baroque architecture and the crystal-clear waters of the Vendicari Nature Reserve. At Battimandorlo, time seems to stand still, guided by the melodies of birds during the day and the calls of hawks and owls at night.

The senses

The nature that surrounds our residence is not only found in its sounds but also, and above all, in its colors and fragrances. From the rose buds of almond trees to the silver leaves of olive trees, and the unmistakable scent of orange and lemon blossoms, Battimandorlo is a haven of genuine beauty where one can indulge in an authentic and sweeping sensory experience.